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Jump right into UI/UX design headfirst.

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Build a product mockup in any design software of your choice.


What to Build

A design prototype.

What to Submit

  1. MANDATORY Image files showing the complete design.
    Resolution must be at least
    1. 1920 x 1080p for desktop designs
    2. 720 x 1280p for mobile designs
    You must submit AT LEAST one desktop OR mobile design.
    You may submit multiple images showcasing different resolutions or devices.
  2. MANDATORY A short writup answering the following questions
    1. Why did you choose the product
    2. Describe the issue(s) you faced with the current design
    3. Describe the research you did to find potential solutions to the problem.
      What alternative designs didn't work out?
      Extra points for citing your sources and showing preliminary sketches.
    4. Explain your solution.
      How does it improve on the current design.
  3. OPTIONAL A video demo of your design
  4. OPTIONAL Source files (.psd/.svg/.fig/.xd/etc) used to create the design

All submitted files must be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Creative Commons Licence

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Vaishnavi Dwivedi

Vaishnavi Dwivedi
Community Advocate, Figma

Tanya Chandnani

Kartik Soneji

Kartik Soneji

Judging Criteria

  • Completeness
    Complete with respect to all features and edge cases.
  • Novelty
    New, original, and out of the box.
  • Scale of Impact
    A perspective of business value.
  • Readiness to Deploy
    Based on quality and iterations, readiness of the product to be sent to development.
  • Target Audience Research
    System designed keeping in mind the end-users for whom the system is created. Scored on research (PPT, Video, etc)
  • Usability
    Users of the system should be able to perform the tasks satisfactorily, efficiently and effectively while enjoying the experience.
  • Appropriate Feedback
    Quick responsiveness to user interaction, error correction, engaging and explanatory.
  • Overall Visual Design
    Interactive design (includes typography, colour palette, layout, etc.)

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